To become an EVODEK Dealer is instant profitable

1Resistance to Moisture

EVODEK® WPC has a good feature of water resistance.

Timber's waterproof performance is poor.

2Resistance to Rot

EVODEK® WPC has a good feature of corrosion resistance.

Timber requires special preservative treatment, and the service time is short.

3Resistance to Split

EVODEK® WPC is not splitting.

Timber is easy to split.


EVODEK® WPC is free of maintenance.

Timber requires periodic painting.

5Product Diversity

EVODEK® WPC provides various options in color and grain.

Timber is monotonous and dull.

6Life Span

EVODEK® WPC enjoy longer life.

Timber's service time is short.

7Environment Protection

EVODEK® WPC is 100% recycled.

Timber consumption is non-renewable.

8Summing Up

EVODEK® WPC is higher cost effective than Timber over time, although you need to pay more to purchase.